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Suntan LotionSol Sunguard Suntan Lotion - BlueWater's ultra low chemical-active formula uses Z-Cote, a powerful, micro-fine zinc oxide that offers transparent and total protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Its unique fragrance-free, emulsion-loc technology (non-water soluble) means the sunscreen stays on your skin and out of your eyes. Extra gentle, no eye sting, formulated specifically for water-sports.  Will not harm fishing lines or flies!
Suntan Lotion Suntan Lotion Sol Sunguard Sol Sunguard
SPF 30+ Lip Guard
and Carabiner
Bluewater Face Guard
1.5oz BlueWater SPF36 with Carabiner
4oz BlueWater SPF36
  Bunker SpoonsBunker SpoonsSecret Spoons - As seen on Northeast Angling TV, and in Saltwater Sportsman, Sportfishing, The Fisherman, and just about everywhere else!  These spoons weight 1lb 9oz and  are actually 1lb heavier than any other bunker spoons of similar size.  Their unique patented weighting system gives them incredible action that has proven itself by taking hundreds of trophy striped bass.  They are the ONLY spoons can be fished on braided line, leadcore, or wire.  They never need adjusting and have an incredible action right out of the package!  
Cushioned Boat Floor Mats
Azores Eyewear
Polarized  Sunglasses
Northeast Angling
TV show
Hats & Shirts
Northeast Angling
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