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Raritan Bay, NJ - Striped Bass
Andy and Rich travel south to hook up with Captain Brian Rice for some great spring striped bass fishing in Raritan Bay and under the Verrazano Narrows bridge.  The fish were all caught on chunks in depths over 35ft.  The action is continuous and they land several big fish up to 30lbs!
Montauk, NY - Redbone (Part 1 & 2)
Andy and Rich are joined by Triton pro-staffer Captain Tom Pitasi to compete in the prestigious 2-day Redbone tournament against some of the finest guides in the region in pursuit of striped bass, bluefish and false albacore.  The guys battle brutal conditions.  The striped bass fishing is a struggle for everyone and the guys catch 12 of the 24 fish entered in the tournament.  They use a variety of techniques in their attempt to come out on top. 
Watch Hill, RI - Striped Bass on the Fly
Andy and Rich pay a visit to Capt Tom Pitasi to get in on the spring run of stripers and blues.  The guys break out the light spinning tackle and the fly rods and enjoy a no-stop bite along the scenic Watch Hill beaches.  The fish put their light tackle to the test and make for an incredible day of striped bass fishing!
Nomans Land Island, MA - Grand Slam
Capt Andy and Capt Rich hook up with 2004 ASA Champion Skip Stritzinger.  They travel to remote Nomans Land Island just south  of Martha's Vineyard in search of a grand slam of Striped Bass, Fluke, and Sea Bass.  The island has a reputation for quality fish and lots of them and the guys are not disappointed!  Nowhere else can experience world class striped bass fishing in the same waters with sea bass and fluke.
Western Sound, NY - Striped Bass
Capt Andy and Capt Rich join up with fellow local Capt John Marino in pursuit of monster stripers.  Fishing in the western Long Island Sound Waters, the guys use a combination of live and whole dead bunker to score some very respectable fish up to 40lbs!  All three of the captains share some a their most effective techniques and give plenty of tips for targeting these fish.
Long Island, South Fork Surf
Captains Andy and Rich hook up with Fisherman publisher Fred Golofaro.   They spend the day experiencing an amazing fall bite in the surf on the south fork of Long Island.  Blitzing fish, screaming birds, and load of action.  They catch countless blues and bass to over 20lbs all on plugs. The techniques and tackle in this show can be used by anyone who wants to experience the fall surf run and improve their striped bass fishing techniques.
Long Island Sound Beaches
Captains Andy and Rich split up and spend the day fishing various Long Island Sound beaches for bass and blues.  Rich and "Crazy" Alberto Knie break out the fly rods,  Andy and Paul Michele test out the new Yo-Zuri swimming plugs, and finally Rich an Doc Muller close out the day with bucktails. The techniques and tackle in this show can be used by anyone who wants to get in on the red hot fall shore action on the Long Island Beaches.
Southern Connecticut Diamond Jigging
Captains Andy and Rich spend the morning off the Connecticut shoreline experiencing incredible non-stop blitzes.  Dozens of school bass and big blues, all on diamond jigs and teasers.  The techniques and tackle in this show can be used by anyone who enjoys late fall striped bass fishing!
Western Sound Topwater
Captains Andy and Rich are joined by John Luchka and spent the day plugging the waters of the western Long Island Sound.  They use light spinning tackle to draw spectacular strikes from bass and blues and connect with too many fish to count in the 8-15lb range.  The techniques and tackle in this show can be used by anyone who enjoys striped bass fishing the shallows.
Block Island Striped Bass
Captains Andy and Rich join Captain Skip Stritzinger who shares his unique striped bass fishing techniques in the rocky waters surrounding Block Island, RI.  They use medium-heavy conventional tackle in 40-65ft of water to free-line (no weight) live eels for bass up to 30lbs.  The techniques and tackle in this show can be used anyone who wants to effectively present live eels in deep water.
Hartford Connecticut Topwater Striped Bass Fishing
Andy and Rich travel nearly 50 miles up the Connecticut River to fish with Jordan Paullo.  They throw Stillwater Smackits and Beach Runners to stripers crashing the surface in pursuit of herring and alewives.  Incredible topwater striped bass fishing with the fish knocking the plugs right out of the water.  The average fish ranging from 7-13 lbs with a couple of fish in the upper teens.  The techniques and tackle used in this show can be applied to any locale where the fish are activity feeding on the surface (regardless of depth) or are staging in shallow water.
Live lining for Striped Bass
Andy and Rich head out in their own backyard, the western Long Island Sound, NY to do some trophy striped bass fishing using live bunker.  They fill a live well bunker (Menhaden) and anchor in the shallows.  Wild topwater action as bass in the 20-30lb class chase and strike bunker on the surface.  Numerous double headers with several fish over the 30lb mark.  These techniques can be applied to any shallow area in the Spring and Fall where large striped bass are holding or feeding.
Western Sound Striped Bass on Peanut Bunker
Andy and Rich head out in their own backyard, the western Long Island Sound, NY and employ a technique commonly used in the southern states.  They fill a live well with baby bunker (menhaden) and toss out hand fulls to get the stripers into a feeding frenzy.  Wild topwater action on very light tackle for fish in the 3-8 lb range punctuated by an occasional fish in the teen range.  These techniques can be applied to any shallow area where schooled striped bass are holding or feeding.
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